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What is Involved in an ICBC Investigation and how do I Prepare?

Insurance Corporation British Columbia (ICBC) is the public auto insurance corporation in BC under the Insurance (Vehicle) Act. They must scrutinize each claim and will often attempt to avoid paying damages if they can make the case that a claimant is not entitled to coverage or is misrepresenting the claim.

ICBC is of the view that several auto insurance claims could involve some level of fraud. According to ICBC, fraudulent claims cost BC up to $600 million each year, or every driver more than $100 on their annual insurance policy. It is estimated that 10 to 20 percent of auto insurance claims contain an element of fraud or exaggeration.

How Common Are ICBC Investigations?

Investigations are routinely carried out by ICBC, but they cannot investigate all claims as the costs would be excessive. There is a higher likelihood of the claim being investigated if the injury is major, you have been off work for a long time, or there are concerns about the validity of your claim. At Spraggs & Co. our ICBC lawyers serve Surrey, Coquitlam, and surrounding areas, and will work to ensure your claim is accurately represented in the legal process. We will fight on your behalf to achieve fair compensation and speak to ICBC during the process of your claim.

What Does An ICBC Investigation Entail?

In order to determine whether a claim can be defended, the ICBC adjuster may try to obtain incriminating information directly from you. It is important to note that you don’t have to answer every question asked and can admit if you don’t remember. You also can limit your conversation to information directly related to the claim.  For guidance through this process and to gain a better understanding of your rights, consider contacting a car accident lawyer serving Surrey, Burnaby, and surrounding areas.

ICBC may use internal staff or hire investigators to learn more about you and to try uncover evidence that suggests you are dishonest. By reviewing your online activity, the intention is to try to catch you doing or saying something contrary to your claim. For example, photos, video or text posted by you or about you on social media websites could be damaging to your claim even if privacy restrictions are in place.

Similarly, your privacy may be jeopardized when an investigator follows you and takes video surveillance to see if ICBC can prove that your behavior is contrary to statements you have made about your injuries and functional restrictions.

It is possible for an investigator working for ICBC to try to interview neighbors, co-workers, family and/or friends to see if they can contradict claims about your injuries or activities. For example, the investigator may be looking for confirmation that they have observed little to no signs of injury and have witnessed you going about your regular routine. It is important to be mindful that anything you say to anyone or do could come to ICBC’s attention.

What Can You Do If ICBC Starts Looking For Your Online Information?

It is important that you avoid accepting Facebook friend requests from people you don’t know. Keep in mind that investigators at ICBC may be able to see your Facebook profile by going through your friends’ profiles. You should assume that anything you post online could show up in court. To prepare yourself in advance, seek advice from a car accident lawyer serving Burnaby and the Lower Mainland at Spraggs & Co. We will meet with you to provide recommendations for representing yourself online and will communicate with ICBC on your behalf during the legal process.

Our Car Accident Lawyers Serve Surrey, Burnaby & the Lower Mainland

At our firm, we can review the facts of your case and advise you on what to expect if ICBC investigates your claim and how we recommend you proceed. We handle ICBC accident benefits claims in order to help injured accident victims achieve fair compensation.

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