We are better together than as individuals.

For over 50 years, Spraggs Law has served the people of the Lower Mainland, delivering results that meet their needs. We balance legal skill, efficiency and client satisfaction to help our clients achieve their goals.

At Spraggs Law, our Coquitlam lawyers work as a team. We collaborate to capitalize on each team member’s strengths. This allows us to outwork and outfight the competition while simultaneously respecting the needs of our clients, colleagues and the courts.

Ultimately, we win when our clients win. We have your back.


  • Thomas L. Spraggs

    Lawyer & Arbitrator

  • Jessica A. Spraggs

    Lawyer & Legal Counsel

  • David A. O’Neill


  • Cody J. Wagner


  • Michael Liu


  • Jay Spiro


  • Melissa Keen


  • Wyatt Seidlik


Legal Team

Alex Roersma

Jennifer Waugh

Vanesa Domingo

Ana Bustillo

Neda Sadjadi

Tanya Godfrey

Ciara Woodland

Ciara Woodland

Prabhjit Rai

Kadija Sbaiti

Mridu Arora

Vanessa Jones

Lauren Hines


Jennifer Lawrence

Robert Spraggs

Jade Forrest

Marcy Sandvik

Marcy Sandvik

Margaret Shachtay

Alyson Spence

Alyson Spence

Eryn Nicol

Rebecca Lageston

Rebecca Lageston

Lesley Marcheen



Careers at Our Law Firm

Spraggs Law is Coquitlam’s longest standing law firm. We have been serving injured people for 50 years. Today, we run a thriving plaintiff’s personal injury practice, built on a team-based model and a collaborative organizational culture designed to get results.

We balance legal skill, efficiency and client satisfaction to help our clients get access to justice and pleasing results. We work in claim teams comprised of a legal assistant, a claims manager, and a lawyer. A claim team helps a client through the entire process – from choosing Spraggs Law to reaching a final settlement or judgment.

We are always happy to accept applications from legal assistants, paralegals and lawyers who are interested in joining our team. If you think you’ve got what it takes to make a real contribution to our work and our clients, we’d love to hear from you.