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There for you when life happens

We are here when you need help navigating a new challenge or when things don’t go according to plan. Our team of experienced professionals will listen, inquire, and articulate what legal solutions are available to you. We will guide you through the legal process whether it seems scary, disempowering or exciting. We meet clients where they are at and help them achieve their goals.

Sustaining an injury can be a traumatic experience with life-long repercussions.

Symptoms usually never occur in isolation and tend to domino into the other facets of one’s personal life. At Spraggs Law we understand that injuries do not only affect the physical but can impact many other aspects of our well-being. As a leading ICBC claims lawyers in Coquitlam, we have the experience to review your case and advise you on the steps you should take.

For information on the amount of compensation you could obtain, try our Injury Calculator.

Have you been injured? Spraggs Law can help.

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Housing challenges are stressful.

If you’re experiencing uncertainty with respect to your home, the impact it can have on your family and finances can be substantial. With record low vacancy rates in the Lower Mainland, the fear of losing one’s home is real and can result in renters living in conditions that are illegal.

Have you experienced a residential tenancy issue? Spraggs Law can help.

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We spend most of our lives at work.

We invest our time and talent in our workplace, so when things go wrong, not only does it affect our livelihood: it can often affect our identity.

Knowing your rights in the workplace can give you peace of mind and help you make the best decisions for your life. At Spraggs Law, we understand that one of the most important things a lawyer can do for their client is to empower them.

Have you experienced problems in the workplace? Spraggs Law can help.

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Navigating the medical system can be overwhelming, especially when our health or that of a loved one is at stake.

When things go wrong during a medical treatment or procedure, the impact can be lifelong and devastating. The stress of coping with the aftermath of a traumatic experience in the medical system can be compounded by the lingering questions of what went wrong or what should have been done differently.

At Spraggs Law, we can advise you of your rights when it comes to medical mistakes and help you decide on whether to pursue a legal remedy.

Have you experienced a medical mistake? Spraggs Law can help.

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For almost 50 years, Spraggs Law has sought justice for injured clients across the Lower Mainland. Today, the firm has expanded its practice offerings to be there for you when life happens.

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