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Our Expertise

We spend most of our lives at work

We invest our time and talent in our workplace, so when things go wrong, not only does it affect our livelihood: it can often affect our identity.

Knowing your rights and obligations in the workplace can give you peace of mind and help you make the best decisions for your life and your business. At Spraggs Law, we understand that one of the most important things a lawyer can do for their client is to empower them.

Have you experienced problems in the workplace? Spraggs Law can help.

HR Consulting

Spraggs HR Consulting practice provides a wide range of practical, solution-oriented human resources services to help small to medium sized businesses strategically manage their people.

In today’s uncertain, highly competitive and constantly evolving environment, it is important that businesses focus their attention and resources on their core business functions. For some organizations, developing in-house HR capabilities for all their human resource needs may not be efficient or cost effective. Our HR Consulting practice works with business owners to provide customized HR solutions to help increase efficiencies.

Estate Law

When a loved one passes away, those who are left behind not only have to cope with grief but are also faced with legal questions, processes, and hurdles related to the estate. This can be overwhelming, and, unfortunately, conflicts among family members often arise.

Have you experienced an estate problem? Spraggs Law can help.

Injuries can come with life-long repercussions

Symptoms usually never occur in isolation and tend to domino into the other facets of one’s personal life. At Spraggs Law we understand that injuries do not only affect the physical but can impact many other aspects of our well-being. As a leading personal injury lawyers in Coquitlam, we have the experience to review your case and advise you on the steps you should take.

Have you been injured? Spraggs Law can help.

Housing challenges are stressful

If you’re experiencing uncertainty with respect to your home, the impact it can have on your family and finances can be substantial. The fear of losing one’s home is real and can result in renters living in conditions that are illegal.

If you are a landlord, knowing your obligations towards your tenants and how to handle problems that arise can be critical. Disputes with tenants can be time consuming and costly.

Have you experienced a residential tenancy issue as a landlord? Spraggs Law can help.

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We are one of the largest law firms in the Tri-Cities

At Spraggs Law, our focus is our clients. For over 50 years, our full-service law firm has delivered exceptional client service to the people of the Tri-Cities and Ridge Meadows areas. We offer strategic legal advice in the areas of personal injury, landlord & tenant disputes, employment law, estate litigation, and harassment. We take pride in delivering results that meet our clients’ needs.

At Spraggs Law, we work as a team. We know that we are better together than as individuals. We collaborate on every matter to capitalize on each team members’ strengths. This allows us to outwork and outfight the competition while simultaneously respecting the needs of our clients, colleagues and the courts.

Ultimately, we win when our clients win. We have your back.

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law firm tri cities bc
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Our client satisfaction rate is 20 points higher than the legal industry average in 2018.

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Spraggs Law has been serving the Tri-Cities and Lower Mainland for fifty years.

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We believe in strength in numbers. That’s why we assign at least five team members per client.

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We get results for our clients.

We have successfully obtained millions of dollars in settlements and judgments in the Supreme Court and have represented clients at all levels of the courts. We know what we do best, and we’re proud to practice that every day for our clients.

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