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Human Resources Consulting in Coquitlam

Spraggs HR Consulting practice provides a wide range of practical, solution-oriented human resources services to help small to medium sized businesses strategically manage their people.

In today’s uncertain, highly competitive and constantly evolving environment, it is important that businesses focus their attention and resources on their core business functions. For some organizations, developing in-house HR capabilities for all their human resource needs may not be efficient or cost effective. Our HR Consulting practice works with business owners to provide customized HR solutions to help increase efficiencies.

There are many aspects to human resources, including recruiting, performance management, policies and procedures, compensation and benefits, retention of staff and job design. Our HR consultant has experience working with varying types of businesses across multiple industries, developing the ability to quickly learn and assess various HR needs.

Our HR consulting practice is there for you. We deliver a  range of HR services customized to fit your business needs. We can act as your HR department or enhance your current HR practices in the following areas:

HR Audit

We offer an audit of your current HR functions to determine any needs, opportunities and priorities, including:

  • Organizational structure, environment and culture;
  • Performance management; Standardized recruitment and termination processes;
  • Human Resources policies;
  • Covid-19 Safety Plans;
  • Job descriptions and compensation;
  • Employee retention programs;
  • Training and development;
  • Employee relations.

Job Design

  • Compensation review and strategy, including benefits, fair compensation, bonuses and rewards programs;
  • Preparing job descriptions.


We can provide support in all matters relating to the building and/or running of the recruitment process, including:

  • Advise on and develop best practices;
  • Advise on management responsibilities;
  • Coach management through recruitment;
  • Develop job descriptions and postings;
  • Screen applicants’ resumes:
  • Prepare interview questions:
  • Interview candidates;
  • Develop reference questions and conduct reference checks;
  • Recommend or negotiate salary and benefits;
  • Prepare offer letters that comply with legislation.

General HR Advice

Providing day-to-day advice on HR matters, including:

  • Employee relations, including misconduct, management style and dispute resolution;
  • Employment standards/Human rights;
  • Performance management;
  • Discipline issues;
  • Compliance with policies and procedures;
  • Organizational and reporting structures.

Employee Relations

  • Provide training and coaching for managers on how to have those difficult conversations relating to performance and discipline;
  • Develop or update performance review program;
  • Develop or update training and development plans and programs
  • Develop or review termination processes and procedures, including documentation;
  • Coach management through termination best practices;
  • Develop or review exit interview process and procedures.

Policies and Procedures

  • Develop or review HR policies to ensure they comply with rules and regulations, including leave of absences, overtime, vacation time, harassment policies, and use of social media;
  • Develop or review current Employee Handbook to ensure company policies and procedures comply with BC Employment Standards, WorkSafeBC legislation and BC Human Rights Code, including benefits, health and safety, communicable disease prevention, respectful workplace conduct and other HR policies;
  • Develop or review current employee files, including job descriptions, performance reviews, disciplinary issues, if necessary, all while maintaining confidentiality and security of employee files;
  • Develop or review current process and documentation used to communicate and track employee changes and absences;
  • Review or implement automated HR systems or processes, including HRIS, and make recommendations for improvement and/or upgrades;
  • Creating employee retention programs including health and wellness programs, service awards and community involvement programs;
  • Develop or review diversity and inclusion policies;
  • Develop or review workflows for various organization procedures.


Conducting confidential investigations, including:

  • Bullying and harassment allegations;
  • Employee misconduct;
  • Theft;
  • Sexual harassment claims;
  • Policy breaches.

Our HR Consultant and team of employment lawyers work closely together to provide full service HR functions to you. If you have questions that need a lawyer’s perspective, we’re here to help with all topics relating to employment, such as contractual language, severance obligations, disputes or wrongful dismissal claims.


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We deliver a  range of HR services customized to fit your business needs. We can act as your HR department or enhance your current HR practices

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