Vaccine Mandates, Real Estate Trends and Workplace Harassment

Vaccine Mandates, Real Estate Trends and Workplace Harassment

Each month Spraggs Law publishes Vancouver Legal News, a curated selection of articles about legal issues being discussed in the news. This month we start off with recent vaccine mandates as conditions of employment, followed by local real estate trends affecting townhouse costs, wrapping up with accusations of workplace harassment and wrongful dismissal in Nanaimo. 

Vaccine Mandates in the Workplace and Where They Might Lead

Mandatory Vaccines for Federal Employees

As of October, the Canadian Federal Government mandates that all federal service employees provide proof of vaccination. The mandates also apply to federally regulated industries, including airline staff and financial institutions.  

Will Canadian Businesses Follow Suit?

Furthermore, the feds call on Canadian businesses to consider doing the same, which creates questions about what constitutes someone as exempt and how companies plan to deal with employees who refuse the vaccines by choice.

Provincial Level Mandates

On a provincial level, as of Oct 12, British Columbia requires that COVID-19 vaccinations become a condition of employment for all long-term care workers throughout B.C. 

Classroom Concerns

Meanwhile, parents and teachers are calling on schools to implement mask mandates amongst students. The National Center for Biotechnology Information outlines different approaches between provinces regarding vaccine mandates for school-aged children.

Emerging Trends Affecting Real Estate Demand and Affordability in Vancouver

Moving closer to work

As of 2021, just under a third of employed Canadians were working from home. While some companies prepare to make remote and hybrid teams permanent, others expect to see at least a portion of their staff returning to work onsite—shifts that will likely impact real estate and rental demands in a few specific ways.

Accommodating remote workers

While it seems that Vancouver townhouses are the hot commodity (some townhouses are fetching higher prices than detached homes), homebuyers’ and renters’ needs may shift, depending on how many Vancouverites continue to work remotely. 

The City of Nanaimo Is Facing Allegations of Wrongful Dismissal and More

Another Potential Wrongful Dismissal and Workplace Harassment Case

Last month, we discussed a potential wrongful dismissal case brewing inside Vancouver City Council. This month the City of Nanaimo stands accused of wrongful dismissal and workplace bullying and harassment by its former chief administration officer.

What Do You Think?

What do you think about these updates affecting Vancouver citizens, homeowners, and renters across Canada? If you have questions about employment law, family law, or your rights as a tenant or landlord for the team at Spraggs, we’d love to hear from you. Contact one of our lawyers in Vancouver today.