Paid Sick Leave Shortfalls and Vancouver Tenant Hurdles

Each month Spraggs Law publishes Vancouver Legal News, a curated selection of articles about legal issues being discussed in the news. This month we start off with paid sick leave shortcomings, followed by updates and hurdles for tenants in Vancouver, wrapping up with recent nationwide health alerts and drug recalls to be aware of.    

BC’s New Paid Sick Leave Program May Not Cut It

A little late and a lacking

As far as developed nations are concerned, Canada is one of the slowest to offer universal paid sick leave. While British Columbians applaud B.C.’s new paid sick leave program, some say being allocated only three paid sick days per year doesn’t cut it, especially for long-term care and assisted living providers who realistically require far more

Updates and Hurdles for Renters in Vancouver

Building managers stall making repairs

It’s not very comforting to know that you live in what some consider to be “one of the worst SRO buildings in the city,” but windows with glass seem hardly a luxury. These renters were left having to improvise. 

Nine Vancouver neighbourhoods that renters should consider

“Cheap rent” are two words rarely used when describing Metro Vancouver. Still, compared to areas with astronomically high rental rates, these nine Vancouver neighbourhoods are relatively more affordable.

Residential parking permits have officially been parked

In June, we covered the Vancouver council’s initial plan to charge residents for overnight street parking — a program that many considered unfair by design — but, thanks to Mayor Kennedy Stewart, the initiative has been given the boot.

The average cost of renting in Vancouver

Considered the most expensive city in Canada to live in, this October 2021 report recently released by outlines “what the average Vancouverite pays per month” for rent. 

Nationwide Health Alerts and Drug Recalls to Be Aware Of 

Review these alerts and be aware of what’s in your medicine cabinet

  • Acetaminophen is being recalled due to overdose/death risk.
  • Hand sanitizer containing elevated levels of the impurity acetaldehyde is being recalled due to increased cancer risk.
  • Birth control pills are being recalled due to potential increased risk of pregnancy. 

What Do You Think?

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