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Your first priority after an accident

Motor vehicle collisions can be a traumatic experience. We have assisted thousands of people who have had accidents in British Columbia with their motor vehicle claims. It’s a role we don’t take lightly. In that time, we’ve assisted people with all kinds of injuries. And it’s true that no amount of money can replace what is taken from you if you’re injured in an accident. In this post we’ve sought to outline what you must do at an accident scene. Below that we have also outlined where we think you should focus after an accident.

At the accident scene

If you’ve been in a motor vehicle accident, you must:

  1. Assess yourself for injuries – and call 911 if medical assistance is required.
  2. Safely move the vehicles off the road.
  3. Exchange information with all drivers and vehicles involved in the accident. This includes: driver’s name, driver’s license number, province/state, and contact information; license plate, year, make and model of vehicle; insurance details if the vehicle isn’t from British Columbia. Provide this information to the police if they attend the accident and it is requested.
  4. Get names and contact information for any witnesses.
  5. Describe the crash scene. Take photos and record information such as: time, date, weather conditions, location, vehicle direction of travel, your vehicle lane, other vehicle position.

It’s important that you cooperate with the police, and we strongly encourage you to follow ICBC’s advice in not discussing who is at fault with any other driver. Once you’re away from the immediate scene of the accident you should watch out for additional injuries, and consider speaking with a motor vehicle accident lawyer at Spraggs & Co.

Your first priority after an accident

spraggs-and-co-road-to-recoveryAfter an accident, your first priority is doing everything you can to recover. You may not be in a position to resolve your claim until you know the extent and effect of any injuries you may have suffered. We strongly encourage you to obtain credible medical advice and do what you need to do to heal. Visit with your physician to develop a rehabilitation plan and take recovery very seriously. Sometimes, you may find injuries that emerge after the accident, so you may need to check in with your doctor as these circumstances arise.

Working with your doctor

Your relationship with your doctor is important to recovering and to getting a fair settlement from ICBC. It’s important you get proper medical advice and document it in your records. Make sure you see your doctor so they can assess your injuries and recommend treatments. Your doctor provides an important assessment of your health, so report all symptoms and ongoing concerns to them. Your doctor will create records that are important to your ICBC claim. These records help to create an additional source of medical assessment of your health condition.

It’s best if you provide your doctor with as much information about your injury as possible. Accurate details of the accident may provide your doctor with an understanding of the severity of your injuries. They can also recommend other treatment or specialist consultations if they have full information about the accident and your subsequent injuries. They also have expertise to contribute!

Clinical records are important

Any health practitioner who assists you with your diagnosis, treatment and recovery will create clinical records. Clinical records are important because they record your health status following your accident. Some injuries resolve relatively quickly, others may take months and years, and still others will never resolve. Some people’s health deteriorates after initially seeing some improvement. Everyone is different. Clinical records help to provide an external perspective on your health status. ICBC may demand copies of your clinical records directly. If you retain a lawyer, such as the team at Spraggs & Co., we will review these records for irrelevant or highly personal information to protect as much of your privacy as the law allows.

Clinical records are used to evaluate your health, recovery, progress and treatment over time. The team of experience lawyers at Spraggs & Co. can help review these documents and support you through this process.

Motor vehicle accidents can be traumatic. Contact us at 604-464-3333 for a no-obligation consultation. It would be a privilege to serve you with the decades of experience we have in dealing with ICBC with claims like yours.