Being Wrongfully Refused Service, Local Personal Injury Cases and More

Being Wrongfully Refused Service, Local Personal Injury Cases and More

Each month, Spraggs Law publishes Vancouver Legal News, a curated selection of articles about legal issues discussed in the news. This month, we focus on discrimination a BC woman experienced when she was wrongfully refused service at a Vancouver cafe, a new 4-million-dollar project aimed at helping people with disabilities return to work and current personal injury-related cases in BC.

Battling Discrimination in the Workplace and Community

Wrongfully asked to leave a Vancouver cafe

The BC Human Rights Tribunal has ruled in favour of Georgia Pike, a visually impaired woman who was refused service at a Vancouver café because her guide dog accompanied her. After four years of fighting her case, the café has been ordered to pay Pike $12,000 for discrimination. Pike hopes this decision will raise awareness for the rights of guide dog users. 

Improving workplace inclusiveness and accessibility in BC

In honour of BC Disability Employment Month, the National Institute of Disability Management and Research (NIDMAR) has received $4 million in funding to help people with disabilities or recovering from injuries return to work. The project will provide early intervention and support through occupational rehabilitation, including healthcare assistance, job coaching, and ergonomic support. 

Current Personal Injury-Related Cases in BC

Infant suffers permanent injury due to overmedicating

The distressed parents of a 3-week-old infant in British Columbia have each filed lawsuits claiming negligence after their newborn was allegedly given medication that was “10 times” the prescribed dose, causing permanent disability. The lawsuits argue that the hospital and healthcare providers failed to properly administer the medication and monitor the infant. The parents are seeking compensation for the physical and emotional distress caused by the alleged negligence. 

Branch-wielding suspect is injured during arrest

No charges will be laid against a Vancouver police officer involved in a 2021 incident where a suspect suffered facial injuries while allegedly resisting arrest. The arrest occurred after 911 calls about a man vandalizing windows and cars with a tree branch. The man required stitches, staples, and a cast. The evidence, however, did not meet the standard for charge approval, according to the BC Prosecution Service.

Coquitlam man caught off guard and undressed

Imagine walking out of your shower naked to discover a uniformed police officer standing in your bedroom! That’s precisely what one Coquitlam man claims happened, and he is now suing the RCMP. The man alleges that officers “abused their authority and power” by entering his home without permission or a warrant. The man further alleges the encounter and his subsequent correspondence with his local detachment’s receptionist left him shocked, embarrassed and concerned that the incident was shared amongst RCMP staff. The female officer who entered his home said she was there to serve him a traffic ticket. The incident is now under investigation. 

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