Workplace Bullying, Harassment in Sports and Workplace Trends Hitting BC

Workplace Bullying, Harassment in Sports and Employment Trends Reaching BC

Each month Spraggs Law publishes Vancouver Legal News, a curated selection of articles about legal issues being discussed in the news. This month, we cover the telltale signs of workplace bullying, a press release that resulted in misrepresentation charges for one BC business, harassment experienced by athletes, a hockey brawl that ended in court, and workplace trends that may soon be shaking things up for BC employers.

Pay attention to these telltale signs of workplace bullying.

Identifying Workplace Bullying + Avoiding Bad Press

Pay attention to the telltale signs

Workplace bullying is unfortunately common and often covert enough to fly under a well-meaning employer’s radar. But, left unchecked, it can erode productivity and collaboration and even lead to expensive and time-consuming legal battles. The best way to prevent workplace bullying from wreaking havoc is first to pay attention to these subtle and not-so-subtle signs and then take appropriate action. 

Misleading press release spells trouble

Companies would be wise to be mindful of how they word their press releases. It’s a lesson a BC business is learning after its shocking public announcement caused a stir with the feds and Health Canada. The company has since corrected its initial claims but is already facing a potential class-action lawsuit for alleged misrepresentation that resulted in losses for several of its investors. 

Harassment and Assault in Sports

Harassment in sports is more than skin deep

Body shaming shouldn’t stop anyone from pursuing their passions, but that’s what ongoing mistreatment has done for professional athletes like Phoebe Lenderyou. Phoebe, a former Commonwealth youth gold medal swimmer, speaks about how her own experience (sustaining disparaging remarks about her weight and mistreatment by coaches) has not only led to quitting the sport she excelled in and loved but to mental health issues and eating disorders as well. Sadly, according to decade-long allegations by other athletes, her experience isn’t unique. 

What started on ice ended in court

A Midget A team hockey coach is facing criminal charges following a physical altercation he started with a coach from the opposing team. Although the incident occurred in Quebec, it warns about the potential legal ramifications of on-ice brawls. 

Employment and Business Trends Hitting BC

Are you eligible for skills training?

As the labour gap in British Columbia grows, with more businesses struggling to secure employees, the provincial government is stepping up with a multi-million dollar skills development plan that includes helping newcomers apply their credentials. 

Are BC employers ready to embrace the four-day workweek?

The four-day workweek trend is growing, and it’s no surprise why the approach is so popular (at least for workers). Unfortunately, it may take more time for the provincial government and BC employers to embrace the idea, despite studies showing increased productivity. Nevertheless, green Party Leader Sonia Furstenau is pushing for “a pilot program to support businesses in adopting it.”

Adopting uncommon work schedules

You may already be familiar with the four-day workweek and bare minimum Mondays trends; in addition, a naturopath examines the brain-boosting benefits of ditching the traditional 9 to 5 in favour of non-linear workdays instead.

Negotiating salary

The rising cost of living inevitably affects employees’ and prospective employees’ salary expectations. However, negotiating pay isn’t typically a comfortable topic to approach with one’s boss. To assist with the process, here’s what a career advisor has to say about navigating a conversation about pay and proactively negotiating salary expectations during the interview process.

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