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Who is ICBC to me?

The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) is the major insurance company for motor vehicles in the province of British Columbia. All drivers in BC have to obtain basic insurance coverage through this provincial Crown corporation. If you’re a licensed driver in British Columbia, then ICBC is your insurer.

That seems quite straightforward, until you’re involved in an accident with another driver who is insured by ICBC. In the same way that ICBC is “your” insurer, it’s also “their” insurer! ICBC has to represent the interests of all insured individuals involved in motor vehicle collisions. We’ve written about this problematic situation before, when we described the role of an ICBC adjuster.

Ultimately, ICBC is tasked with deciding who is entitled to coverage and then representing each insured party. But here’s the challenge: they’re also doing their best to protect ICBC’s interests–they have to make sure ICBC earns profits, which means they need to control costs. ICBC employees are in a conflicted position, and you can’t always be sure that ICBC, your insurer, is always working with your very best interests in mind.

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