Wage Bumps, Rebates, Tax Breaks & Breakups Affecting British Columbians

Wage Bumps, Rebates, Tax Breaks & Breakups Affecting British Columbians

Each month Spraggs Law publishes Vancouver Legal News, a curated selection of articles about legal issues being discussed in the news. This month we start off with wage increases and rebates on the horizon, followed by pandemic-related tax breaks and incentives for business owners and workers, wrapping up with precautionary relationship stats and hazards affecting Canadian couples.

Wage Bumps For BC Liquor ServersGood News for Some!

Minimum Wage Workers Get a Break

While many employers and employees are straddled with increasing uncertainty since BC introduced its expedited workplace closure order this month, at least for one sector, the horizon is looking just a little bit brighter. Effective as of June 1st, BC Liquor servers earning minimum wage will receive a slight increase in their wages. Read more

Recent Tax Changes and Breaks for Businesses and Workers in BC

As you prepare to submit your business taxes this month, make yourself aware of these recent COVID-19 tax-related changes, incentives, and benefits affecting business owners and workers in BC.

Rebates and Tax BreaksRebates on the Horizon

ICBC Mailing Out Rebates This Month

Everyone appreciates a good rebate, and ICBC customers can expect to receive their COVID-19 related rebate cheques between the end of this month and early April. Read More

Divorce Rate Trends Due to COVIDStaying In Love Isn’t Easy, Especially Now!

Added Stress Resulting In Increased Division

If you and your beloved are still going strong, pat yourselves on the back, or better yet, celebrate however you can because you’re doing something right and surviving a recent trend affecting couples.

Considering all the changes and restrictions people have been forced to adapt to over the past year, not to ongoing wedding delays, it’s no surprise that the pandemic is straining our relationships, too. In fact, according to the results of this nationwide study, approximately 15% of relationships have faltered over the past year. Finder, the company in charge of collecting these statistics, posits that separation and divorce rates “have at least doubled” throughout the pandemic and outlines the specific quirks and strains that respondents claim were to blame for their decision to separate. The details offer valuable insight to couples who want to safeguard their relationships from the toll pandemic-related stress is taking on companionship.

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