Top Secret Trouble, a Failed Apology, an Estate Family Feud and More.

Top Secret Trouble, a Failed Apology, an Estate Family Feud and More

Each month, Spraggs Law publishes Vancouver Legal News, a curated selection of articles about legal issues discussed in the news. This month, we’re covering companies falling short on Pay Transparency, updates on an appalling assault and harassment case, a failed opportunity at reconciliation, a multi-million dollar estate family feud and new fines affecting commercial vehicle operators in BC, followed by the best holiday light displays in Vancouver.

Top Secret Trouble and Falling Short on Pay Transparency and Reconciliation

Trouble at Canada’s Secret Intelligence Agency

The head of Canada’s spy agency, CSIS, apologized to staff for his initial response to rape and harassment allegations within the organization’s British Columbia office. He announced new measures, including creating an ombudsperson’s office and releasing annual public reports on harassment and wrongdoing. CSIS no longer employs the accused officer. The changes come after a report exposed a “toxic workplace” and detailed allegations of harassment and assault.

Falling short on pay transparency

Many Canadian companies are failing to meet the requirements of new laws regarding pay transparency, according to an opinion piece. Despite legislation promoting transparency and addressing gender pay gaps, companies are not providing adequate information about salary ranges or pay gaps. The author argues that without this information, employees are unable to determine if they are being paid fairly, and progress toward gender equality in the workplace is hindered. The article emphasizes the need for increased accountability and enforcement to ensure that companies comply with pay transparency laws and promote equitable pay practices.

Two Vancouver constables skip in-personal apology

A member of the Heiltsuk Nation and his granddaughter are seeking an in-person apology from two Vancouver constables who mistakenly handcuffed them outside a BMO branch in 2019. The constables did not attend an apology ceremony in Bella Bella, leading the man to apply for reconsideration of the disciplinary measures imposed on the officers. 

Feuding Over Millions + New Fines for Commercial Truckers

Elder son contests multi-millionaire father’s will

The multimillion-dollar estate of the founder of BC’s Onni Group is being contested by his elder son. The son claims that his father’s will was influenced by his younger brother and seeks to have it invalidated. The estate includes various properties and business interests across Canada and the United States. The case is set to go to trial in British Columbia’s Supreme Court, where the elder son is seeking a declaration that his father’s will is null and void. The outcome of the case could have significant implications for the division of the estate.

Stricter measure for commercial vehicle operators in BC

British Columbia is taking strict measures to address the issue of commercial truck collisions with overpasses. The province has introduced new penalties, including fines and license suspensions, to discourage such accidents. Additionally, trucks that repeatedly collide with overpasses will have their speed limiters activated, restricting their speed on designated roads. 

Merry & Bright Local Light Displays to Check Out This Holiday Season

Metro Vancouver light up

Metro Vancouver is home to 18 enchanting Christmas light displays worth visiting during the holiday season. These displays include popular attractions like the Bright Nights in Stanley Park, where visitors can take a train ride through a dazzling forest of lights. The Capilano Suspension Bridge Park also offers a captivating light display that transforms the park into a winter wonderland. Other notable displays include the VanDusen Botanical Garden’s Festival of Lights and the Lights at Lafarge in Coquitlam. With their festive and magical atmosphere, these Christmas light displays are a must-see for locals and visitors alike.

Tri-Cities aglow

The Tri-Cities is aglow with stunning holiday light displays for 2023. From elaborate residential setups to festive commercial installations, the region embraces the holiday spirit with dazzling lights. Residents have gone all out, adorning their homes with twinkling lights, colourful decorations, and intricate displays. Commercial establishments also join in the fun, decorating their storefronts and outdoor spaces with beautiful lights and festive motifs. The Tri-Cities is truly a sight to behold during the holiday season, with these enchanting light displays spreading cheer and delight to all who pass by.

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