Paid Sick Leave Shortfalls, Rent & Property Tax Updates and Life After Vax

Each month Spraggs Law publishes Vancouver Legal News, a curated selection of articles about legal issues being discussed in the news. This month we start off with what critics say is inadequate about BC’s new paid sick leave measures for workers, followed by pandemic-related rent fluctuations and tax changes, wrapping up with both optimism and concerns about vaccine passports and what freedoms Canadians can enjoy after vaccination.

working from home

Paid Sick Leave Shortfalls and Remote Work Woes

Better Than Before but Not Enough 

BC is granting workers 3 days of paid sick leave “for absences related to COVID-19″ while also making it easier for workers to access the federal paid sick leave program if more extended absences are needed. Critics, however, are unimpressed, one describing the program as being “woefully inadequate.” 

Longer Days Working From Home?

While it comes with its unique challenges and distractions, it would be easy to assume that working from home offers less stressful working conditions. Still, according to recent survey results, 44% of surveyed Canadians working from home are working longer hours at the cost of their wellbeing. 

rent and tax fluctuations

Rent & Property Tax Fluctuations

Downtown Decreases

Vancouverites seeking downtown rental homes may enjoy a bit of break on rental costs this year compared to last. According to data collected by LivRent, average downtown rental costs have dropped by 24%. Rentals in other areas of Vancouver also saw decreases but to a lesser degree.

Coquitlam Property Taxes

Port Coquitlam homeowners will be seeing a 2.13% increase in their property taxes this year but will have more time to pay them without penalty. 

life beyond the mask

Life Beyond the Vaccine

What Can Canadians Expect?

While vaccinated Americans start to enjoy the relaxing of mask mandates and other restrictions, Canadians are still coping with regulations, including BC road checks to stop non-essential travelers from leaving their health districts. It’s hard to predict when conditions in Canada will ease up and what post-vaccination life will look like once more Canadians are vaccinated. 

Vaccine Passport Concerns

Meanwhile, Canada’s federal government is considering following the lead of several other nations’ adoption of “vaccine passports.” Still, our federal government’s Chief Science Advisor cautions that considerations need to be made before imposing vaccine passport terms and conditions on all Canadians.  

What Do You Think?

What do you think about these updates affecting Vancouver workers, renters, and homeowners, and what are your thoughts on the province’s new paid sick leave allowances? If you have any questions about employment law, family law, or your rights as a tenant or landlord for the team at Spraggs, we’d love to hear from you. Contact one of our lawyers in Vancouver today.