Important Updates Affecting Renters, Homeowners and Employers 

Important Updates Affecting Renters, Homeowners and Employers in B.C.

Each month Spraggs Law publishes Vancouver Legal News, a curated selection of articles about legal issues being discussed in the news. This month we start off with growing concerns over impending costs for homeowners and renters, wrapping up with important updates for B.C. employers.

Impending Costs for B.C. Homeowners and Renters

Rising rental costs

Rental rates in Vancouver have gone up again, this time by another 13.2 percent, bringing the average monthly rental costs for a one-bedroom in Vancouver to $2,176.

Tenants getting stuck with costly building repairs

As if tenants weren’t already burdened by increasing rental rates, recent changes to tenancy law legislation in B.C. means tenants may also be responsible for paying towards the cost of repairs to their rental buildings. It came as a surprise to tenants of an Esquimalt apartment building that incurred $100,000 worth of repairs. And It’s a move British Columbian tenants and tenant advocates are calling unfair and unreasonable. 

Tenants aren’t the only ones bearing the brunt of rising costs

The federal government proposes an annual surtax of up to one percent on homes that exceed a 1 million dollar valuation as part of their efforts to encourage more attainable housing. 

Important updates for B.C. employers regarding Covid-19 Safety Plans.

More Hurdles and Help for B.C. Businesses

Is your business forced to remain closed?

B.C. businesses that remain shuttered due to provincial health orders may be eligible for funds through the provincial COVID-19 Closure Relief Grant

Waived license fees for several PoCo businesses

Thanks to a unanimous decision made by city councillors, several Port Coquitlam businesses directly disrupted by ongoing road and sidewalk construction may be in for a break when it comes to renewing their business license fees this year.

An important announcement for business owners

As of January 7th, B.C. employers are required to update and reinstate their COVID-19 Safety Plans. Required measures include reviewing and implementing all current industry-specific protocols to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19. 

Need help with your Covid-19 Safety Plans?

Employers who have questions or require help establishing their COVID-19 protocols are welcome to contact our human resources consultants at Spraggs Law. After reviewing your current workplace measures, our HR professionals can write or edit your existing plans for you and make recommendations based on all current requirements.

What Do You Think?

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