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How Will COVID-19 Impact ICBC Premiums?

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Each month Spraggs Law publishes Vancouver Legal News, a curated selection of articles about legal issues being discussed in the news. This month we start off with two stories about COVID-19 and ICBC.

As more and more people stay home, motorists in B.C. have been calling for rebates as private insurance companies in some other provinces are offering rebates. The provincial government says it needs to be “cautious” about rebates, and says a report on how COVID-19 is impacting ICBC’s bottom line will be made public in a few weeks.

Meanwhile, British Columbians can now extend an expiring driver’s license over the phone.

lawyers vancouver bc

Should Canadians ignoring COVID-19 social distancing guidelines be fined?

Citizens concerned about group gatherings during COVID-19 social distancing have taken to posting photos and videos of such scenes, with pleas for municipalities to enforce compliance. Fines for businesses in Vancouver that ignore the new public health directives can be as high as $50,000, while penalties for individuals can be up to $1,000. So far, fines are mostly aimed at businesses such as restaurants, and are actually not applicable to people ignoring park shutdowns because the closures were not declared under the state of emergency.

lawyers vancouver bc

Municipalities battle COVID-19 shortfalls

Local governments have seen their revenues fall as they close public facilities and residents stay home. Rather than hand cities a cash bailout, the provincial government told mayors to tighten their belts.

lawyers vancouver bc

COVID-19 identifies ways to improve B.C. economy

According to a researcher, the pandemic has highlighted ways to improve B.C.’s economy, including our social safety net, unemployment insurance, privatized and fragmented seniors care home network, how essential workers are compensated, and the lack of a uniform paid sick leave policy.

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