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Compensation for personal injury claims

We represent people hurt in car accidents, slips and falls, pedestrian and motorcycle accidents, many of whom sustain a range of injuries. Injuries impact people in different ways. Some people suffer greatly and have to endure pain—in some cases for the rest of their life. Others lose employment opportunities, the potential to make money in the future, and their ability to enjoy aspects of their life. Nothing can adequately compensate you for the loss you endure as an injured person.

What are injured people entitled to?

The legal system in British Columbia tries to put injured people back to the position they would have been in if their accident and injuries had never occurred. It’s an interesting idea; the courts try to compensate you for something that they can’t really compensate you for—your health.

It’s all about the money

When it comes to compensating injured people, it all comes down to money. ICBC injury claims are all about the financial compensation. Money is a crude tool to try to quantify the pain, suffering, inconvenience, loss and hardship endured by injured people. Money is often an inadequate tool, but it is the tool available to injured people in British Columbia.

Money isn’t everything – but it is something

Some injured people we’ve served would like an apology from the person who caused their accident, or from ICBC for the way they’ve been treated. That doesn’t happen. Our system understands one way to try to restore people to the position they would have been before their injury: financial compensation. Money isn’t enough. Money isn’t everything; but it is something.

We are unapologetic about helping injured people obtain fair compensation for their injuries. This compensation helps people access the ongoing care they need, pay medical and recovery bills, and helps to offset some of what is lost when people are injured. It can ease the burden of injuries — to you and the people close to you.

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