Our Commitment to Staying Innovative l Spraggs & Co

Innovation in the Workplace at Spraggs & Co.

We are honored and pleased to share a recent accomplishment at Spraggs & Co.


Mr. Thomas Spraggs, our Principal lawyer, recently accepted the Innovative Workplace Award for 2016 from the Canadian Bar Association. The award recognizes law firms, lawyers and principal operators that demonstrate leadership in encouraging and implementing workplace innovation. Our team of personal injury lawyers in Port Coquitlam has strived for continuous innovation since our inception over 35 years ago, and we are very proud to have been acknowledged with this award.

What does an innovative workplace look like and why?

Businesses are facing forces of change on a daily basis, such as a rapidly expanding marketplace, increasing competition, diversity among consumers and more available resources through the internet. Keeping things fresh and creative are often the key to the success of a business.  Innovation is the development of customer value through solutions that meet needs, new or existing.

It is important to note that innovation is not usually a natural occurrence.  It requires inspiration and support from all levels of a business. It is a mentality, not just strategic imperative. In most organizational settings, leaders are expected to be creative and come up with solutions for work-based issues. Through reaching out into the whole team for input, solutions and creativity, the end result and service that is produced is much richer. Some aspects of support and inspiration can include embracing new uses of technologies, striving to create better systems and processes, improved methods within the industry as well as meeting changing customer needs. This could include workshops, further education, and new and improved products.

It’s no wonder an innovative workplace is more valued now more than ever. Studies have suggested that the average employee works harder, longer hours than ever before.

How do the Personal Injury Lawyers at Spraggs & Co. Cultivate Innovation?

Mr. Spraggs ensures, through demonstration and guidance, that his team is continuously collaborative on a daily basis. From regular office meetings to team based workloads, everyone works together to ensure incredible service and results that we have delivered to our clients in Port Coquitlam and across B.C. for many years.

At Spraggs & Co, an innovative mindset is always encouraged. New ideas, different perspectives, diverse backgrounds, passions and capabilities all contribute to our innovative workplace. While there isn’t too much wiggle room for change within some aspects of the area of law, different strategies are extremely valuable.  We strongly believe that innovation is a key driver in our legal team’s ability to provide excellent representation for our clients.

Since there may be a wide range of approaches for workplace innovation, we put quite a few into play. Employee empowerment and continuous skill development ensure that our team continues to grow… We also ensure that a healthy work-life balance is incorporated into our office. For some, work flexibility can help employees manage their work and non-work responsibilities, such as further education in school and caring for their young children and families.

Our team has also enjoyed many self-improvement and team building events. Lunchtime seminars, potlucks, office activities are of normal occurrence which help richen our lives working at Spraggs & Co. Such events have proven to be extremely beneficial to the morale of our office.

What are the benefits of an innovative workplace?

There are plenty of benefits to having an innovative workplace such as; better teamwork and bonding, increased workplace interaction and engagement, increased staff morale, a greater ability to attract and retain quality employees and better productivity and problem solving. Innovative organizations are also inherently more adaptable to the external environment. This further allows them to react faster and more effectively to avoid risk and capture different opportunities should they become available.

Further beyond relationship- building benefits, an innovative workplace will also gain valuable diverse and cultural knowledge that will help them better understand the needs of their clients and how to serve them better.

Outside of the workplace, an innovative environment helps benefit an employee’s health and wellness, a feeling of inclusion and usefulness. This goes full circle and helps with coming back into work on Monday morning with a fresh, excited perspective on the week ahead. Gone are the days where employees suffer from the mundane lifestyle a non-innovative workplace tends to have.

There are also benefits from a managerial perspective. Innovative employees are much more motivated and involved in the workplace. This tends to empower employees, which ultimately boosts job satisfaction and performance.

What does this all mean for Spraggs & Co. clients?

Our innovative workplace ensures that everyone in our office is working towards better business practices and improving business efficiency and performance for our clients. Some of the benefits of this include a more efficient use of resources, a proactive approach to dealings with ICBC and the court process, and making sure we are growing within the ever changing legal field.

At Spraggs & Co, we ensure that there is always a full team assisting each client. Since each personal injury circumstance can vary substantially, this collaboration assists in executing the best strategy for each client. Mr. Spraggs collaborates with an Associate Lawyer, Claims Manager, and a Legal Administrative Assistant on each and every file along with the rest of the firm to assist when needed. Even when our office is closed, Mr. Spraggs is ever so helpful to jump in with assisting any urgent needs or concerns.  We are always dedicated to providing the best service for our clients.

Our innovative workplace ensures we obtain the best results within this very competitive field. For a firm that has been around for as long as we have, the ability to flourish and grow every year is a proven example of how an innovative workplace benefits a company. We are incredibly happy that we received the Innovative Workplace Award from The Canadian Bar Association for 2016 and look forward to what’s in store for the future. If you are interested in speaking with a member of our team, please today for a free, no-obligation consultation.