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Are Your Digital Assets Included in Your Will (and Other Legal Stories)

Each month Spraggs Law publishes Vancouver Legal News, a curated selection of articles about personal injury and other topics. This month we start off with an article about the need to consider your digital assets when planning your will.

Important to Include in Your Will

While the internet has become a huge part of life over the past two decades, digital assets such as photographs and passwords to email accounts have still not made their way into common legal estate-planning practices.

ICBC No Fault Insurance

ICBC’s Move to No-Fault Style Insurance Could Be Especially Harmful to Cyclists

A Vancouver lawyer who cycles to and from work every day, says the proposed new system for ICBC could be especially harmful to cyclists.

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New Security Deposit Rules Will Help Tenants Get Their Money Back, BC Says

New security deposit rules announced by the provincial government will allow renters to submit an application to the Residential Tenancy Branch if their landlord does not return an uncontested security or pet deposit within 15 days of the end of a rental agreement.

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How Was One BC Man’s Cancer Missed by Doctors?

“Fewer and fewer people are opting to sue doctors. And that comes back to the obstacles to getting access to our court system … and fewer lawyers who are prepared to take on a well-financed defendant.”

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