Soft tissue injuries vary in severity and complexity.

If you have been injured in an accident, it is important to see a physician to document your injuries and obtain medical treatment as soon as possible. It is also important to contact a lawyer to help you submit your claim to ICBC and ensure you receive a fair amount based on your unique circumstances and the facts surrounding your case.

Under the new injury compensation laws effective April 1, 2019, many soft tissue injuries will be considered “minor injuries.” It is critical for accident victims who have suffered soft tissue injuries to get a proper diagnosis and necessary treatment in order to protect, not just their health, but also their legal claim. Navigating the legal process on your own is complex and can be stressful. Involving an ICBC claims assistance lawyer from the beginning will ensure all deadlines are met and that you fully understand the claims process from start to finish. A Spraggs Law lawyer in the Lower Mainland can evaluate your situation and work on your behalf to obtain fair and reasonable compensation for your injuries.

Soft tissue injuries: What You Need to Know

Soft tissue injuries occur frequently in motor vehicle, pedestrian and slip and fall accidents. Many times, victims of these injuries disregard the pain and suffering they experience and the impact this has on their ability to work, attend to their duties at home and their enjoyment of life.

A soft tissue injury involves an injury to muscles, tendons or ligaments in the form of a sprain, strain or tearing of the tissue. These injuries can be painful and even permanently debilitating. Often there is pain at the site, swelling, bruising and loss of function. Soft tissue injuries may resolve themselves quickly or with appropriate treatment. In some cases, soft tissue injuries last weeks, months or years. Some even become permanent. If you’ve been injured, you may benefit from speaking to an injury lawyer about the options available to you.

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If you have suffered a soft tissue injury, Spraggs Law can help.

We win when our clients win. We provide personalized assistance based on your circumstances and inform you of your entitlements—many of which ICBC may not cover without the help of a lawyer. We do this on a no recovery, no fee basis, which means our fees are contingent upon the successful negotiation of a settlement or a final judgment in your favour.

We understand the financial constraints accident victims face, including a reduced income and uncovered amounts of medical and rehabilitation expenses. That’s why our fee is a percentage of your settlement and is paid only when you collect. We pay all disbursements (including the costs of court filing fees, medical reports, etc.) on your behalf and defer the reimbursement of these expenses until the case is settled or decided.