What to do if you’ve been in a bicycle accident

If you’ve been in a bicycle accident, it is important to see a physician to document your injuries and obtain medical treatment as soon as possible. It is also important to contact a lawyer to help you submit your claim to ICBC and ensure you receive a fair amount based on your unique circumstances and the facts surrounding your case.

Navigating the legal process on your own is complex and can be stressful. Involving an ICBC claims assistance lawyer from the beginning will ensure all deadlines are met and that you fully understand the claims process from start to finish. A Spraggs Law lawyer in the Lower Mainland can evaluate your situation and work on your behalf to obtain fair and reasonable compensation for your injuries.

Bicycle Accident injuries: What You Need to Know

Having experience with many cycling accident victims, our lawyers have seen firsthand how vulnerable cyclists are on the roads. Not only are they less visible than other vehicles because of their small size, they have to maneuver around road hazards that other vehicles may not be aware of. A bicyclist is considerably slower than the rest of traffic, adding additional vulnerability in close, fast-moving traffic. Having virtually no protection from the impact of an accident besides a helmet (if worn) will increase the injury severity that results from a collision.

Most cyclists are entitled to accident benefits. Even though they were not riding in a vehicle, most cyclists injured in an accident in British Columbia are entitled to treatment benefits through ICBC. Theses “Part 7” benefits include:

  • The cost of medication, medical treatment and rehabilitation (including transportation costs for appointments), up to maximum of $300,000;
  • Wage loss benefits (to the extent that they exceed coverage under Employment Insurance), up to a maximum of $740/week for a maximum of 104 weeks and only to claimants who were totally disabled from employment within 20 days of the accident;
  • Homemaker benefits for the help needed due to homemaker being injured (strict timelines apply).

Spraggs Law has assisted thousands of accident victims obtain these types of benefits from ICBC.

Establishing early on what caused a bicycle accident can also be of critical importance. There are many possible causes of bicycle accidents in British Columbia, most of which are not unique to bicyclists. These include speeding, failing to obey traffic signs or signals, failing to check the blind spot when changing lanes, turning or reversing, distracted driving, impaired driving and failing to adjust to the weather and traffic conditions. Due to the negligence of other drivers, many cycling deaths and serious injuries result in BC each year.

Some common causes of accidents involving cyclists include:

  • Failure the see the cyclist;
  • Entering the cyclist’s lane at an intersection;
  • Passing the cyclist too closely; and
  • Opening a door without checking for a cyclist.

Other conditions that could contribute to a bicycle accident include:

  • Road hazards such as dirt, debris and potholes;
  • Mechanical aspects of a bicycle; and
  • Insufficient lighting.

Often, ICBC will suggest that in injured cyclist is wholly or partially at fault for an accident. If a bicyclist is found to be partially at fault for the accident, it is usually due to:

  • Failure to obey traffic signs or signals; and/or
  • Travelling up on the side of a lane in traffic.

If a cyclist is deemed to have contributed to an accident, injury compensation can still be awarded but it will be reduced in proportion to the cyclist’s fault. An experienced bicycle accident lawyer in Coquitlam will work with you to understand the circumstances of your accident and pursue fair compensation on your behalf.

Spraggs Law has a team of investigators that assist in gathering evidence, such as camera footage and witness statements, to help establish fault in an accident. We understand after suffering an accident that navigating the legal system is one of the last things you want to worry about. Trust the team at Spraggs Law to keep your best interests in mind and help you on the road to recovery.

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