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For most people, navigating the healthcare system is a challenge. When our health and lives are at stake, we are in a vulnerable position and trust medical professionals to provide the best care possible. When things don’t go according to plan, or we suspect that a mistake was made, the uncertainty that results can exacerbate an already challenging health experience. At Spraggs Law, our team of medical negligence lawyers can help determine whether a mistake was made and what your legal options are.

Medical Malpractice: What you need to know

Medical malpractice (medical negligence) claims are challenging cases from a legal perspective. In order to be successful in a medical negligence case, it is critical that legal counsel retain appropriate experts to provide an evaluation of the actions of the doctor or hospital that allegedly erred. It must be proven that the doctor or medical professionals involved acted below the standard of care that is reasonably expected of a competent professional in that position. Gathering the best evidence and presenting it effectively in court is critical to success.

Legal issues also often arise with regard to consent. In most circumstances, patients must provide informed consent to a medical procedure. If informed consent is not obtained, medical professionals may have acted improperly and could face legal liability.

Victims of medical negligence are entitled to compensation for their injuries. The law requires that people be put in the position they would have been in had the negligence not occurred. Compensation can include damages (money) for pain and suffering, out of pocket expenses, loss of wages and any future losses that are a result of the negligence. Proving losses, particularly with respect to future losses related to earnings, often requires assessments by experts in functional and vocational fields. Spraggs Law has a network of trusted experts that help us gather the best evidence possible to prove our clients’ claims.

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Why choose a Spraggs Law medical malpractice lawyer in Coquitlam?

We provide personalized assistance based on your circumstances. We do this on a no recovery, no fee basis, which means our fees are contingent upon the successful negotiation of a settlement or a final judgment in your favour.

We understand the financial constraints our clients face, including a reduced income and uncovered amounts of medical and rehabilitation expenses. We provide disbursement funding assistance (including the costs of court filing fees, medical reports, etc.) so that clients can progress and be properly prepared.

If you think you’ve been injured due to a medical mistake, Spraggs Law can help. Contact us now for a free, no-obligation consultation.