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What is the role of an ICBC adjuster?

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When you have a motor vehicle accident in Coquitlam or anywhere in British Columbia, you will be dealing with an ICBC adjuster. ICBC adjusters are in an interesting position: they are supposed to represent the interests of all people involved in a motor vehicle accident. This is because ICBC is the only insurer in British Columbia.

But here’s the challenge: How can an ICBC adjuster represent the interests of all the parties to a motor vehicle accident? It’s not unusual that the different parties to an accident have different needs, so this puts adjusters into some interesting positions, which can be very relevant to your injury claim:

  • How can you, as an injured person, be confident that an adjuster is acting in your interests when they also represent other parties to an accident?
  • How can an adjuster effectively represent the interests of injured people while also looking out for the needs of their employer, the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia?

ICBC adjusters try to keep their payments on claims to the minimum, because while they are representing the interests of all parties to an accident, their first obligation is to their employer – ICBC. So while an ICBC adjuster might be required to represent your interest in a claim, they are actually less interested in making sure you are fully compensated by ICBC for your injuries.

You can’t rely on an ICBC adjuster to help you get access to your rightful compensation if you’ve been injured in a motor vehicle accident in British Columbia. It is your responsibility to get the information you need to obtain the compensation you’re entitled to.

A motor vehicle accident can suddenly change your life, and the long-term consequences for not obtaining the compensation to which you’re entitled can be devastating.

Your team at Spraggs & Co. is skilled at the twists and turns of the process needed to obtain fair compensation from ICBC. And if we need to go to court to remind ICBC of what ‘fair compensation’ means, we will gladly do so at your request. Contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation, and we’ll be happy to help.

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