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Most changes to ICBC compensation do not take effect until April 2019.  To find out if your rights are impacted, call us at 604.464.3333.

No-fault benefits are also known as part 7 benefits under ICBC regulations. These benefits provide payment for medical and rehabilitation expenses and wage benefits in the event of an injury. In the event of death, no-fault benefits provide payment of funeral expenses and loss-of-support benefits.

No-fault benefits are generally available to anyone injured or killed in a motor vehicle accident in British Columbia, or to any BC resident injured or killed in a motor vehicle accident in North America. These benefits are typically available regardless of who was at fault in the accident.

It is not necessary, nor a good idea, to provide ICBC with a signed statement to obtain no-fault benefits. These statements are used by ICBC to build their defense, rather than to determine if an injured person is entitled to receive no-fault benefits.

For a detailed assessment of your claim, including how to best receive no-fault benefits, contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation at 604.464.3333.

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