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Most changes to ICBC compensation do not take effect until April 2019.  To find out if your rights are impacted, call us at 604.464.3333.

Soft Tissue Injury Lawyer Serving Coquitlam & Surrounding Areas

Soft tissue injuries occur frequently in motor vehicle, pedestrian and slip and fall accidents. Many times victims of these injuries disregard the pain and suffering they experience and the impact this has on their ability to perform at work, attend to their duties at home and their enjoyment of life.

A soft tissue injury involves an injury to muscles, tendons or ligaments in the form of a sprain, strain or tearing of the tissue. These injuries can be painful and even permanently debilitating. Often there is pain at the site, swelling, bruising and loss of function. Soft tissue injuries may resolve themselves quickly or with appropriate treatment. In some cases, soft tissue injuries last weeks, months or years. Some even become permanent. If you’ve been injured, you may benefit from speaking to an injury lawyer about the options available to you.

If you or someone close to you has sustained a soft tissue injury through an accident you are entitled to fair compensation. This may include out-of-pocket expenses, compensation for lost wages and future earnings, payment for pain and suffering and compensation for the cost of future care.

Contact an injury lawyer serving Burnaby, Coquitlam, Langley and surrounding areas. At Spraggs & Co., we provide free, no-obligation consultation for potential clients. Call us at 604.464.3333 or toll-free at 1.866.939.3339.

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