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Motorcyclists and cyclists are vulnerable on the roads, especially since these vehicles provide virtually no protection from impact. When physical vulnerability is coupled with negligent driving, the results can be extremely serious: injuries are often severe and can be life-threatening or devastating. There are many causes of motorcycle and bicycle accidents, most of which are the fault of negligent drivers.

What Causes Motorcycle & Bicycle Accidents in BC?

There are many possible causes of motorcycle and bicycle accidents. The majority of these accidents are caused by negligent drivers, who:

  • Fail to observe posted speed limits
  • Fail to obey traffic signs or signals (such not making a complete stop at a red light or stop sign, or not stopping at all before proceeding)
  • Fail to check the blind spot when switching lanes, turning or reversing
  • Drive while distracted
  • Fail to see the motorcyclist or bicyclist (as the motorcyclist or bicyclist is small when compared to a car or truck and may not be wearing bright clothing)
  • Drive while under the influence of drugs or alcohol; and
  • Fail to adjust driving to weather and traffic conditions.

More often than not, it is the car or truck driver that is at fault in a collision with a motorcyclist or bicyclist. Several other conditions nevertheless make these individuals more vulnerable to road accidents. Having to maneuver around road hazards such as dirt, debris and potholes can create challenges. The design of a motorcycle, with a standard transmission, also requires significant skill to operate. A bicyclist must also manage several gears on two chains and is slower than the rest of traffic, adding an additional vulnerability in close, fast-moving traffic.

In accidents where a motorcyclist or bicyclist is found to be partially at fault, it is usually for the following reasons:

  • Failure to obey traffic signs or signals
  • Weaving and lane-splitting; and
  • Failure to observe posted speed limits.

Where a rider is found to have contributed to the accident, a personal injury settlement may still be awarded. The compensation that is received will be reduced proportionately for any fault of the rider. Where a rider is partially at fault, an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer in Coquitlam can work to ensure the rider’s compensation is not reduced unfairly.

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