Author: Jessica Spraggs

Spraggs & Co. is a leading personal injury law firm based in Coquitlam, BC. If you or a loved one has been injured in any kind of accident, contact us for a free, no obligation consultation. You may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. We are Coquitlam’s oldest law firm with more than 35 years of experience handling motor vehicle accident cases. Contact us today.

Our Commitment to Staying Innovative l Spraggs & Co

Innovation in the Workplace at Spraggs & Co. We are honored and pleased to share a recent accomplishment at Spraggs…

1 year ago

How Pedestrians & Cyclists Can Try to Stay Safe during the Dark Rainy Months

With daylight savings time just behind us, we are keenly aware that there are many dark and rainy months ahead…

2 years ago

How to Stay Safe on the Road When It Gets Dark – as a Driver

As holiday decorations, chocolates, and gift wrap appear in our stores, we know that the colder months, shorter days and…

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Understanding Negligence in Personal Injury Law

Personal injury law covers a wide variety of areas such as injuries sustained in motor vehicle accidents, slip and falls,…

2 years ago
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